I love this poem of Baudelaire, À une passante (To a Passerby): The story of an attraction between a poet and a stranger in the street, a Parisian as inaccessible as beautiful. For me, that is it, the Parisian woman, one who walks without stopping. The cliches made her an icon of elegance. But in reality, and the thing that I find funny, is the impostor side, falsely casual; the Parisian style: “I passed two hours in front of the mirror so the one who sees me thinks I’m primed.” In fact, all is very studied: is necessary to avoid to all cost the bad taste, the ostentatious accessories… What I also love about her is the desire to speak during two hours in a café of politic, art, cinema, literature… The same if everything has already been said, she still continues! It’s not a pose, but sometimes, that becomes a real headlock.  
- Clémence Poésy, My vision of the parisians.

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In Bruges (2008) Dir: Martin McDonagh

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83-84/100 Pictures of Clémence Poésy
VIP MINI Opening  at FIAC 2009

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i loved a woman, once. she loved me. [x]

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Clémence Poésy - Vogue UK - March 2014

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